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Planning your campaign

These questions will help you plan out your campaign and how you can use your petition to win. Once you’ve completed the questions we will email them to you to keep as a campaign plan. You can reach us on if you have any other questions.

What was it that encouraged you to start the petition? Was it something you read or saw on the news. Or was it something happening in your local community. If you have any links to a news article or report share them here so you have them saved in your plan.
What would winning look like to you? What change do you want to happen because of your campaign?
Is it a council, an MP, a member of the government, a business or someone else entirely?
For instance is there a council vote on a planning application? Is there an event that you know the decision maker will be at that you want to hand the petition in at? Knowing these moments could help you pick when to do a hand in, when to get signers to write to the target, when to get press involved.

Please list out any key dates or moments with each date on a new line - it'll look better when we send you the plan if you do this!
For example: would getting press coverage be helpful. Can you research any local or national papers that might report your story? What else would influence your target? For instance is there a local charity or community group that your target is a member of that you could try and get to put pressure on?
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