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Your answers will feed straight into the Government's BBC consultation - this is a great way to make sure the voice of the public is heard on the BBC’s future.

You might want to talk about how well the BBC serves you. Which parts of the BBC do you particularly love?
This question sounds a bit like gobbledygook! It looks like it’s asking about the BBC’s aim of 'providing something for all of us'. The BBC has TV and radio channels, as well as being online. It produces children’s programmes, drama, documentaries, entertainment and news. It also shows national events like Wimbledon and the Royal Wedding. You could talk about whether you think it’s important that the BBC produces this range of programmes and content. You could also talk about whether it’s important to you that these things come without adverts!
You might want to talk about programmes the BBC produces that you feel are different from the sort of things you might expect to see on other channels. Other 38 Degrees members have talked about the Proms, the Ten O’clock News and David Attenborough’s nature programmes - or drama shows like Sherlock. If you have any ideas about what the BBC could do to make its programmes more special, you could write them here.
If you value having independent news that comes without adverts, you could write about that here. Or if you think that the BBC produces groundbreaking drama or documentaries that helps bring up the standard on all channels, you might want to mention it here.
The BBC provides more services than it did 20 years ago - things like iPlayer and the BBC news website. You might want to write about whether you value this because of the choice it provides. If you feel it’s important to have alternatives to commercial news media like Sky TV or Capital Radio, you could highlight this here.
You might want to write about whether you think the BBC is worth the licence fee.
You could write about how you feel about paying the licence fee as we do now. If you think there is a more modern way of paying the licence fee, you could write about it here.
You might want to talk about whether you think the BBC should be independent from politicians. What do you think about politicians being able to decide how much money the BBC gets? If you think there should be special rules to keep the BBC at ‘arms-length’ from the government, you could talk about this here.
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