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To UK Government

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Do everything in your power to keep our NHS and frontline staff safe during this crisis.
  • Make sure they all have the protective equipment they need to safely treat patients
  • Provide these priority workers with tests, as soon as they need them

Why is this important?

Across the country, on balconies and doorsteps, millions of us clap and cheer for our heroic NHS and frontline workers. We’re applauding the nurses, carers, doctors and frontline staff who are working day and night to care for those of us who are sick.

But many have been left to fight the coronavirus and do their jobs without proper protective equipment. So far, only a tiny proportion of those workers who need to be tested for the virus - to see if they can safely return to work - have been.

The government must act urgently - and do everything in their power - to make sure our NHS and frontline workers are protected while they’re caring for the rest of us.