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We're calling on the Government to tackle the huge cancer backlog that has emerged throughout the pandemic, by allocating more resources which include:

  • Adequate funding to enable recovery of care and clinical trials
  • Expanding the number of staff in key cancer professions
  • Resourcing high quality end of life care
  • Strengthening the UK’s medical base to accelerate improvements in cancer outcomes
  • Why is this important?

    The UK’s cancer death rate is set to rise for the first time in decades. The pressure of the pandemic has meant those with terminal illnesses have been unable to seek necessary treatment to prevent the spread of cancer. Many others may have missed the chance to get an early diagnosis.

    The Government says ‘cancer treatment remains a top priority’ - the number of people receiving cancer treatment has declined by over 43,700 since April 2020 compared to the same period before the pandemic. Without urgent action, many more cancer patients will miss out on the care they need.

    A huge petition signed by thousands of people could force the government to commit more resources and bring down the soaring rate of cancer deaths. Will you add your name?

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