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To George Osborne


Child tax credit is there to make sure that struggling working families can still afford to put food on the table, pay the rent, and buy school uniforms - please don't cut this essential support.

Why is this important?

Children in poverty are the next victims of George Osborne’s finance plans. He wants to cut child tax credits - the essential support for families who aren’t getting paid enough to live on.

All children deserve to start life on an equal footing. But low wages can put barriers in the way of a happy and healthy childhood. That’s why some of the poorest families get help to pay for essentials, like healthy food and school uniforms.

This support means thousands of children don’t have to experience poverty at the start of their lives.

George Osborne is trying to hold firm on his plans to cut Child Tax Credits - but the Sun and other newspapers, and more and more MPs - including some in his own party - are speaking out against it. Let’s keep the pressure up make sure these cuts are taken off the table.