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To George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Don't cut vital support for disabled people

Taking £70 per week away from people with disabilities is cruel and wrong. Thousands of people rely on these payments to live a dignified life. Please abandon your plan to cut their Personal Independence Payment.

Why is this important?

George Osborne wants to take money away from people living with disabilities.

The support he’s slashing, known as the Personal Independence Payment, is used by disabled people to help them live an independent life - for aids to help with things like washing and dressing. In other words, money needed to live with dignity.

Conservative MPs are panicking. Some are already saying publicly that they don’t support taking this money away. George Osborne is looking isolated, and one thing 38 Degrees members can do right now is show the public are against his cruel plans too.

We need to move fast. If thousands of us get behind a huge petition today, we can force George Osborne to do the right thing and keep this crucial support for disabled people.

Please will you add your name now?