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To The Forestry Commission

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Please keep chemical companies out of Sherwood Forest

Why is this important?

Sherwood forest, home to ancient trees, rare wildlife and Robin Hood is in danger. A huge energy company, Ineos, is trying to get permission to explore underneath it for gas. Britain’s most famous woodland could soon be filled with lorries, heavy machinery and explosions.

A government agency, called the Forestry Commission, can decide whether to let the energy company into the forest. They manage all the forests in the UK and are supposed to protect them. They know the risks of letting Ineos into Sherwood - but are probably coming under pressure to let the deal go ahead.

The deal could be signed any day now. A huge public outcry could give the Forestry Commission the push they need to stand up to Ineos and protect our ancient forest.

Can you sign the petition to protect Sherwood Forest before it’s too late?