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70,699 of 100,000 signatures

Violent threats, anger and hate speech. MPs fearing for their safety.

This is not us. It’s not how British people speak to one another. We don’t threaten our political opponents. We don’t call them traitors, enemies or worse, just because we disagree.

Politics needs robust debate. People died protecting our right to challenge each other freely. But there are lines we should never cross.

We, the leaders of political parties, promise that:
  • If an MP uses violent language, or words that incite violence, against their opponents - we will remove them from the party. For good.

  • We, the public, promise:
  • Never to use violent language when speaking to, or about, our MPs.
  • To work together to hold politicians to account, if they break these rules.

  • This campaign is targeting violent language that appears to normalise, or justify violent actions against a political opponent because they hold different views. Some egregious examples from recent years include:
    • An MP referring to the “lynching” of an opponent.
    • This quote from an MP to a newspaper about the then Prime Minister: “the moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She'll be dead soon.”

    This language would be out of place in any workplace across the country, and it has no place in our politics.