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To Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

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No one should be forced to wait in agony for surgery. Give the NHS the funding it needs to care for all of us, as set out in the NHS Constitution.

Why is this important?

The NHS Constitution is a legal promise made by the government about the minimum care we should all expect from our NHS. But because the NHS has been starved of funding, a key promise - to keep wait times for most surgery below 18 weeks – has been abandoned.

There are thousands of people waiting longer than 18 weeks for surgeries like hip replacements or hernia operations, all because there isn't enough money. If these promises are broken, more patients will end up waiting in pain to get the care they need.

We are calling on Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health, to give the NHS the funding it needs to meet the promises set out in the NHS Constitution. Will you add your name now?