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Stop putting patients' lives at risk by starving the NHS of funds. Please give the NHS £2bn of emergency funding - so people in need aren't turned away this winter.

Why is this important?

Two thirds of England's cash-starved hospitals now give "substandard care". That’s the alarming verdict of the new official report by hospital inspectors. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has squeezed funding so much that patients' lives are in danger.

NHS Providers have called for at least £2bn to be given urgently given to struggling hospitals. Without this money, A&E waiting times will go up, cancer treatment will be delayed, and it’ll be impossible for hospitals to provide beds for people in need this winter.

NHS experts say they’ve exhausted their options for saving money in hospitals, and now Jeremy Hunt's cuts are putting patients’ lives in danger.

A big petition holding Jeremy Hunt responsible for NHS cash crisis will prove that the public have noticed, and that we hold the government responsible. If Hunt starts getting the blame he deserves, he’ll feel under incredible pressure to secure more money for the NHS.

Will you chip in?

Can you chip in a few pounds for adverts in national papers? We can’t let Jeremy Hunt get away with forcing our hospitals into failure. If thousands of us chip in a few pounds, we can get the petition into national newspapers and make it impossible for Hunt to ignore us.

NHS funding

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