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To Chris O'Shea - CEO of British Gas

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British Gas: don’t make workers choose between accepting new contracts with longer hours - what unions say will equate to a 15% pay rate cut, or losing their jobs.

Why is this important?

British Gas employees are being forced to accept new contracts with longer hours - what unions say will equate to a 15% pay rate cut - or face getting the sack. The company’s engineers have put their lives on the line throughout the pandemic, entering our homes to help us stay safe.

Not only is this bad for British Gas workers, but if the company is allowed to get away with this, it could encourage other companies to do the same thing. We can’t let that happen.

Can you join tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members by signing this petition to stop British Gas firing their workers?

Note: the above text was amended to add details of the proposed change


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