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The government is trying to silence the voices of hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members. More than 177,000 of us wrote in to the government’s consultation on the future of the BBC but now John Whittingdale - the government minister deciding the future of the BBC - has moved the goalposts, saying we don’t speak for ‘public opinion’.

Our people power has got the government on the run. They’re trying to write us off so they don’t have to take us seriously. But we’re more than a match for them - and it’s time for us to turn up our pressure.

Can you call on your MP to make sure our views on the BBC are heard? If every MP feels the pressure of hundreds of their local constituents, it’ll be impossible for them to stay silent. It’ll cause a wave of opposition which will stop the government in their tracks. Just type your postcode in the box to get started.