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Sign the petition: Increase the Warm Home Discount Scheme payment

Woman warming herself in a cold house with texting saying We won

We won this campaign, all thanks to you

124,000 people signed our petition calling for the increase and expansion of the Warm Home Energy Discount. We were joining calls from the likes of Martin Lewis and others to ensure every household in the UK was able to afford the cost of heating their homes.

The Government plan not only to increase the number of people eligible by 1 million, but that the amount available to claimants will increase to £150. Though more can be done to help those struggling, news that more people will be able to claim the Warm Home Discount will be a relief for many who have been affected by rising energy bills.

We know that millions of people up and down the country will still be struggling.

That's why we are calling for the Government to make giant energy companies pay their fair share to support families struggling with bills. Click here to add your name, over 91,000 have already signed