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66,767 of 100,000 signatures

To James Cleverly - Chairman of the Conservative Party , Richard Tice, Jennie Formby - General Secretary of the Labour Party and Sal Brinton - President of the Liberal Democrats

Petition text

Overhaul the way your parties select candidates so that candidates who aren't fit for office are never on the ballot paper.

Why is this important?

It’s a scandal. Some candidates who have been put forward by their political parties to be candidates in this general election have been exposed for using racist, violent and dehumanising language and images.

People who try and divide us in this way have no business being options on the ballot paper. They should never have been put forward by their political party as a candidate in the first place. Voters like us deserve better.

Will you sign the petition and demand political parties come up with a tougher vetting process for people who want to be our MPs?